My Testimony of Christ

The following is my testimony of Christ, and I decided to upload it here because I have full control over the contents of this site, since I made and host it myself.


You might have noticed I have not been very active on social media, and there’s a reason for that. There is simply so much corruption, negativity and sin going around on social media, that I rather not be part of it.

My testimony:

If you are still reading this, I guess you’re interested in my testimony. To put it shortly and boldly: God has shown his grace and saved me from my absolutely sinful and destructive life. I am not afraid to say I have recently become a very faithful Christian, and ever since God has entered my life, He has flipped my life around 360 degrees, and till’ this day He is performing his healing work in me, both spiritually and physical. I am the happiest I ever was, and I am the healthiest I ever was.

I no longer have immoral sexual desires, I no longer have the feeling I am worthless, I no longer have self-destructive tendencies, and my eyes have been opened to something more important than just my selfish life. Suddenly, I am seeing things from another perspective. It’s like a fresh new breath of air has come though my life, and is carrying me trough everything. Stress was a real problem for me, especially because of my medical conditions(more about that later), but God has given me peace. I can now lay things down, and I get real lasting rest!

Now, I considered myself a Christian for as long as I can remember, but only now have I made the conscious decision to really live my life for God, and ever since that decision I’ve been BLESSED more than ever before. Before, I was living a very destructive life. More than the usual lie, or the average selfish decision. Honestly, and I am deeply ashamed to say this, I sunk so deep into wickedness that some of my actions could have been considered illegal. How more amazing is it though, that God has shown his forgiveness and compassion towards me!

I am careful not to be proud of this however, because pride only brings people down, but I will boast in Jesus, because only in Him we can be saved, and can true rest and peace be found. Note that my actions have not saved me, but only the love and grace of God.

Looking back, I can now see that God has always been there for me, even when I didn’t acknowledge him. For example: A year or two ago, my body went trough a crisis. From my birth, it has had problems producing certain hormones such as growth hormones, thyroid gland hormones, etc. Just before the aforementioned crisis, it was discovered that my body stopped producing stress hormones as well. These hormones are essential for the body to be able to overcome sickness, stressful situations, pressure, sudden activity, and even things as standing up early. We decided to wait it out and not take medication, not knowing the potential risk of going into coma if something were to happen.

Well, I got sick, and I didn’t get better. I was constantly slipping away from consciousness, I had a deadly high fever and such. When my mom finally decided it was time to call an ambulance, I was fading. Luckily, the ambulance got here in time, brought me to the hospital and gave me the hormones that I needed, and after some time in the hospital, I started my slow recovery. In fact, I am still recovering, and will still be recovering in the foreseeable future. People say I really could have died back then, and I know I am alive because God has a plan for me. If I would have died then, I would not be here writing about the amazing love and life He has given me. I would not be here, finally seeing the friends and family I have and loving them and spending time with them.

When you start to understand and see the things he has done for us, it is only natural to be willing to dedicate your life to the glory of Him who has saved us. This is why I am writing this testimony right now. I want others to experience the same blessings I have experienced, and am experiencing EVERY DAY. The greatest trouble and pain of my life has become my greatest blessing, because trough tribulation and hardships I have found the love of the Lord.

There is so much I want to write about, but this post has become rather long. Maybe I will write more, since the number of blessings I have received are uncountable.

Edit: I have removed the link to Amazing Facts. Due to circumstances I cannot recommend them any longer. They do not teach the gospel of Christ, but instead the gospel of being saved trough works and law. I thank the LORD for pulling me away from them. If you want to know more about christianity, read the Bible. Don’t read whatever humans make up from it, but read the source.

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